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Who We Are

We vow to help create a world which bridges the gap amongst the donors benificiaries and NGOs.

YES WE CAN FOUNDATION  is a registered NGO under state government, made by professional like Doctors, Lawyers, Professors, CAs and businessmen and women commited to social service by empowering charities and uplifting the underprivileged and also to act as a catalyst for smooth accomplishment of projects of NGOs across the state and the country.


The chief aim of the foundation is to identify the hard-working NGOs which struggle for funds in their projects, to indentify the underprivileged facing insurmountable problems for want of any kind of aid, educational, medical or social security support and also to bring them on one Single platform in a symbiotic relationship with the potential donors of the society. 

We look forward to make the quality of life better of the underprivileged, to facilitate the donation between donors and NGOs across the state and country in such a way that NGOs can function smoothlyl on their dream projects and this shall be a win-win situation for  NGOs, Donors and the underprivileged.


Area of work.

We have areas of work for both  short-term and long-term goals. 

Short-term goals include measures which help in upliftmfent of society,  run initiatives in the fields of:

Long-term goals includes measures which bridges the gap amongst NGOs, Donors and the underprivileged. We identify, verify, video-shoot &  edit the video in order to form documentaries. We are also in process of making an online platform with the help of App and website to connect the beneficiaries and Donors.

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